Saturday, August 13, 2011

Siblings in Suds

When they're not fighting over bath toys (I swear, the bath can be our biggest battle zone), these kids love splashing around together in their swimsuits.
 This bath time, I did away with most of the bath toys (note Gryffy's still carrying a naked Barbie--should I be concerned?) and brought out a tray and shaving cream. The idea was that Lorelei would tutor her little brother in writing his letters, and they would thereby get along swimmingly.
 The letter thing didn't happen.
 Oh boy, did they ever soak up the fun, though!  That shaving cream was irresistible.

 I love the way they make each other laugh. It's just amazing to me how much these kids love each other (and entertain each other, too). Peas and carrots.
The picture's blurry from all the joy beaming off that kid's face.
Gryffy loved getting Lorelei with globs of shaving cream.
What a (clean) mess of fun!
Later that night, we went to watch one of Daddy's three weekend gigs. This one was a street party in Liberty. The entire band really is amazing (I'm not just saying that because I'm in love with the dude on keys).
 The Gryffster cracks me up with his dance moves.
I even captured Lorelei's signature do-si-do. Yee-haw!  Seriously, I need to bring that kid to a barnyard county fair.  This is Kansas (okay, so technically we were in Missouri).
It wasn't long before the kids pooped out and we said goodnight to the KC All Stars and made the drive home (through a downpour in the dark) for our cozy beds.
The world's most snuggly kids.  I love how it just happens my hand's on L's head, and her hand's on G's head. Precious. 

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