Monday, July 10, 2017

The Fourth

America's birthday went down with a bang and a sparkle this year.

The festivities began with our neighborhood's stellar parade. 
Gryffy opted for the hoverboard go-kart.
And Lorelei and Mark teamed up on the tandem.

And with anthems blaring through the streets, we set off toward the pool.

 Gotta love those fun bikes. And those firemen who showed up to help.

 Some of our cul de sac kids.
 On Sunday the kids and I went off to Topeka for a family reunion and stopped by Dad's old house, across from the Governor's Mansion. I have so many memories in this house and yard!
Whenever we drive through Lawrence, it's tradition to stop by Corpus Christi Catholic Church, where our family began (Mark and I married here).
And back at home, we may or may not have participated in some whiz-bang fireworks of our own. ;)

The Fourth always leaves me feeling patriotic and so proud of this country and our ancestors who fought for our freedom in that great Revolutionary War. I love America!

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