Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wheel of Fortune

I had always dreamed of being on Wheel of Fortune. No, really. In my second grade journal, I listed it as my favorite TV show. My dad and I always used to watch it. When Ron told me the WheelMobile was coming to Olathe, I had to try out. I just had a good feeling about it...
 At the WheelMobile audition, you get a lottery number. Of the hundreds of people there, I got drawn as lucky number 7, and was one of the first ones called on stage. I made it past the first audition and was called to a second more grueling one at the President Hotel ballroom--they cut 2/3 based on a written test, then had us solve several puzzles.
 Just after Gryffy was born, I got a call... can you be on the show in a few weeks?  YES!!! Mark and Gryffy came along because I was nursing (I did a lot of pumping in the Green Room while Mark and Gryffy were at the hotel--no kids allowed in the audience. Lorelei stayed with Grammy & BPop). So my cousin Shelby and friends, Brenda, Spring, and Tifanie, were in the audience to lend their support.
 I felt like I was on top of the world, and went a little crazy when I won a prize trip to Mexico! Yep. CRAZY. I was having so much fun I didn't have time to be nervous.
 The other contestants and I were drawn to compete at random (they film six shows a day from a pool of 18 people), and drew our colors at random. It was a complete coincidence that each of us were wearing our contestant color. I was thrilled to get yellow.
 I definitely flopped on a puzzle and got a Bankrupt, but made it to the final round!
 Thing is the category.  Can you guess it?
 Well then, I guess you're smarter than I.  A BRISK PACE.  Yep.  I kept thinking A FRESH FACE, but that didn't work with the letters.  Bummer.  But I couldn't complain! 
That's a lot of money for a half hour's work. Thanks, Wheel of Fortune! Dreams do come true!
 Here are a few pics from sunny L.A.  Gryffin becoming a Gryffindor.
 I wore him everywhere in this sling.
 Outside the Kodak Theater with my cousin, Shelby.
 Gryffy's first time at the beach.
 The Totley Crew (Tifanie, Spring, Brenda) at Venice Beach. We also visited the Santa Monica Pier and drove around Los Angeles, the city where I was born.
 Gryffy and Daddy were sorely outnumbered.
 The boys, sticking together.
 Hang ten.
I don't know how I got so lucky and blessed--family, friends, and fun times--but I'm very, very grateful!