Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deanna Rose Farmstead

Across the street from our neighborhood is one of our favorite places, Deanna Rose Farmstead. The kids go here to walk the trails, climb on the playground, feed the animals, take hayrides, look for pumpkins (in October), ride tractor tricycles, visit the barn, the old school house, the teepee, learn about plants and gardens... it's a real treasure, and the best part is,
it's practically in our own backyard.
Piper, Lorelei, and Porter climbing the fence.

Lorelei and Piper feeding the goats.

My attempt at teaching Gryffin that there are other sources of milk... cows, for instance.

On the fence again.

What a stud. I had to break out next year's coat because the
temperature had dipped sharply on this particular visit.
Two peas in a pod.

Lorelei's first haircut with Daddy

Lorelei and Daddy went together for their first hair cut last week. Lorelei was not too sure about the whole deal, but she was a brave girl, and decided at appointment's end that she liked getting her hair cut. She looked through magazines for pictures, and decided she wanted bangs. Lorelei and Daddy getting their hair cut together.

Lorelei's special bench.

Gryffin playing with the blocks. Gotta love Great Clips for thinking of the littles.

Lorelei BEFORE.

Lorelei AFTER.

She looks like a spitting image of Mommy at three.

Mommy has a picture that looks identical. My mini-me!

Lorelei loves her Daddy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Going on an Egg Hunt

On Saturday, our friends from Topeka (the Bahr family--J.C., Jennifer, Brett, and Preston) came to visit. The older kids had a picnic on the floor, while the adults enjoyed some ham and asparagus strata and Gryffin showed off his new words from his high chair. Then Grammy, BPop, and Meaghan joined us all for an egg hunt in the front yard.
We were supposed to host a rather large potluck and egg hunt at our home on Sunday with several friends, and had to cancel at the last minute, doctor's orders... Wendy had strep throat. And so we had Easter dinner of orange glazed ham alone, but still in good company!
The kids' Easter Buckets

Gryffin's first Easter

Lorelei finds a carrot left by the Easter Bunny.

Hmmm... these look like bunny tracks going up the stairs. Must be the Easter Bunny!

Saturday night potluck at church.

Meaghan and Lorelei showing off their eggs.

Why we call her "Klepto."

Lorelei trying to beat Meaghan to some eggs.

Gryffin exploring the turf.

Lorelei's got an egg!

So does Gryffy!

This buccaneer knows how to hunt for treasure.

Lorelei's taking the hunt very seriously.

Before the hunt.

Gryffy and Preston.

Brett and Lorelei having a picnic.

Easter Eggs

Lorelei and Gryffin dyed their Easter eggs on Wednesday night. Here's Lorelei showing Gryffy how it's done.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gryffin's new words

Gryffin must take after his precocious sister. His vocabulary is blossoming at ten months; his latest words include: Mamma, Dadda, I love you, hi, all done, table, dog, thank you, water, and ice cream. Yes, Daddy and Sissy taught him the last word when we were eating at McCormick and Schmick's, on the Plaza. They brought out ice cream, and before every bite, Gryffin would demand, "ice cream!"

Our babies in the bathtub.

Happy turtle.

Gryffin the turtle, out of his shell.

Hannah, Abby, Lorelei, and Gryffy

Hannah and Lorelei, two little monkeys jumping on the bed!

Noah and Lorelei, having an indoor picnic.