Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our summer STAYcation

This has been the best week ever! Mark's trip to Acapulco got canceled, and so we made it a family STAYcation. Lorelei started Vacation Bible School at COR in the mornings, and we filled up the rest of the week with family fun: Coco Key Water Resort, the LTF pool, the bungee trampolines and carousel at the mall, T-Rex, dance class, the bouncer, the park... mostly, we just spent time together. A LOT of time. We even found a four-leaf clover, to top it all off.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beatrice Beanstalk

Illustration (c) 2009 Wendy Connelly

May I tempt you with a nibble on a pumpkin seed?

Should you be so bold as to accept, a coach from the Pumpkin DisPatch will arrive shortly at your door, sent to taxi you to the great kingdom of Figglement alongside twelve-year-old Beatrice Beanstalk. But before you take a bite, beware: The Grimm Witch is rumored to have risen again in Figglement, seeking to snuff out the souls of children to reclaim her dark powers. Among the beanstalk-staked cabins, butterscotch bog, and gingerbread lodge of M. T. Kettle's Camp for Coeds, children are being snatched away by the Grimm Witch's Reaper... and nobody knows who will fall victim next.

After eight years of imagining this world into being and setting it to the page, I have finally put it out into the Universe. Wish it luck!