Monday, March 24, 2014

Lorelei's EIGHT!

Does someone look a wee bit excited that it's her birthday?
Just saying.
 Lulu invited all the girls in her class over for her birthday party. It was a pajama party/slumber party this year, which was a first for many. Lulu was on cloud nine.
 There were lots of pillow fights on the trampoline.
 Wii dance parties...

 Loads of arts & crafts, including some Melissa & Doug crafts Grammy picked up from the store, and these fun pillows. These girls are so creative.
And to top it all off, Lorelei's dear friend Margaret who moved hours away came just for her party. The girls from her old class came bolting downstairs to hug her upon her arrival. Really special.
 Best of buds: Lauryn, Margaret & Lorelei

 More arts & crafts...
 And (not pictured) loads of fun with her Magic 8 Ball (for her 8th bday). Man, was that thing ever a hit! "Signs point to yes."
 Mady, our older neighbor, helped me with the nail salon.
 And in the morning, trampoline time again.
I don't know how they look so sunny. They had me up 'til 3am--giggling, talking, keeping the poor girls awake who desperately wanted to sleep... we eventually split up the girls who wanted to party and the sleepers into two rooms. 
Lorelei was not a sleeper.
 But she carried her spunk the whole way through!
 Happy Birthday, Lulu! You're 8 years old and I love you so!
1) Lorelei's great at overcoming her fears--this is Courage. She got her ears pierced. She rode on the chair lift at the zoo. She asks the merchants at Trader Joe's for lollipops even though she feels shy. And she's up for big overseas adventures.

2) Lorelei is the best big sister to Gryffin. They still adore each other and do everything together. I will always picture their constant laughter building back and forth at the dinner table (like during last night's spaghetti fight, in which Mommy and Daddy even got in on the action).

3) Lorelei is one gifted girl. She's very bright, especially at reading, writing and art.

4) Lorelei paints the world with beauty. She has a huge imagination and hungers to create.

5) Lorelei is a fantastic traveler. One of my favorite memories is taking Lorelei and Gryffin on the overnight boat by ourselves from Sweden to Estonia. Being alone in a foreign country was a huge adventure for us! She's also a great camper.

6) Lorelei has a ton of friends. Her birthday book from school was filled with pages of kids claiming she was their "best friend" and "always nice to everyone." That's my girl!

7) Lulu has been a big Momma's girl lately. I love our special bond and how much we have in common.

8) Lorelei is never bored. I don't think that word exists in her vocabulary. She loves to play with neighbors, take care of her frogs at Grammy & Bpop's house with Meg, watch her bunnies flop around, sing rounds or Alleluia to Daddy's guitar, excel at Awanas, go to school, help brother with homework, help Mommy cook and do art projects. And one of our favorite activities is to go on rain walks or pajama walks together.

Love you so much, Lulu! Happy 8th Birthday!