Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quote of the Day

"Today, what we're building is your own imagination." -Lorelei, teaching Gryffin

JAMA, Grad School, Bball & Earrings!

This blog has been sorely neglected lately. A few updates:
Mark's rather famous. He was asked to write the editorial for the Journal of the American Medical Association. It's kind of a big deal (shhh--he's embarrassed when I talk about his accomplishments).

I've been busy writing papers too, let me tell you. However, professional journals have yet to call. I've just begun school at St. Paul School of Theology. Four weeks in, I absolutely love it! This semester's schedule consists of a Praxis experience, History of Christianity Post-Reformation, New Testament and Systematic Theology. Love my classmates. Love my professors. We all lunch together on Wednesdays. It's a huge challenge and demands a lot of time, reading, writing, thinking, challenging assumptions. My cup of tea!
Gryffin's been playing basketball with his school buds.
So fun to watch him dribble (Daddy took him to see the Globetrotters--he's been inspired ever since).
 He's a heartbreaker, I tell you.
 Grammy, Bpop and Meg came to cheer on the Blues!

 The kids wrote me these uber-sweet notes one day. Love them with all my heart.
 We've had a few snow days and are bracing for more.
 The kids made minion-themed valentines and this Valentine's Day box.
And Lorelei was so brave! I took her on a special date to get her ears pierced. I love the progression of photos.
 This was a second after it happened. Fortunately, the ladies doubled up and did both ears at one time. Otherwise, she might've been sporting one earring if that face is any indication.
 But seconds later, she was picking out earrings. The girl was in heaven! So, so proud of her courage.

 Beautiful all around!