Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Goals

As school winds down each year, we make our laundry list (fun things to do over the summer hanging from clothespins over the mantel) and our Summer Goals. Lorelei has been begging to get started early on making her Summer Goals list, so we made it tonight. I love how that girl takes initiative!
This chart really covers the months of July and August since we have some travel coming up in June. Lorelei's working towards a Build-A-Bear, and Gryffy's working toward a trip to the bowling alley.
I'm just working on staying focused as the lazy days of summer arrive...


It seems like a whirlwind when May approaches. I can't possibly fit it all in to one coherent post. So, here's some randomness...
Emma, Lulu, Lauryn
Lulu had her first grade concert at school. Her music teacher, Mrs. Barr, asked me to help out with setting up the backdrop along with Lori (Lexi's mom). Lorelei got to say a line at the microphone. She spoke clearly and did a fantastic job!

 We celebrated at Orange Leaf and ran into Lulu's friend, Margaret.
 Let's get a close up of Little Brother.
 I found this note randomly on Lorelei's floor, and when I opened it I had to laugh!
 Lorelei thanks me for dinner (sweet!) and illustrates her brother whining "I don't want it!"
We had some eating issues earlier this year that have completely cleared up, but Lorelei used to be the finicky one about food textures--hence the laugh this gave me.
 Awanas Club ended with an awards night. Look at that dashing smile as Buddy shows off his songs.
 Yes, Jesus loves me.

 Good work, Buddy. You've finished Cubbies!
(Mommy needs to catch up on sewing those badges.)
 Grammy came to watch.
 And this girl, well, she kind of rocks at Awanas Club.
 She finished her guidebook, her review, and all the extra credits!
 Yeah, she's kind of special. This is when she received her coveted Sparky pin.

Let's get a close up of that beauty.
 Glad they don't take themselves too seriously...
 My Valentine's present has been put to great use. We ride our Happiness Bike whenever we can. On this particular night we rode to The Peanut for KC's best wings.
 Lulu's skipping through field day.

 Gryffy got to tag along. Siri helped him learn golf.
Gryffy graduated from Miss Lisa's preschool class.
Here he is with two of his best buds, Zeke (left) and Alexander (middle).
 We have just adored Miss Lisa and all the wonderful teachers at Heartland preschool. Miss Laurie, Nicole, Mallory, Allison, Tiffaney... they've been absolutely amazing, and Gryffy has made some huge strides with his writing this year. He loves it and begs and begs for Miss Lisa to teach him again.
 When Gryffy grows up, he wants to be "a fireman, a police, or a sword fighter."
 I'm still pulling for pirate.
 The class did some movement songs for us.
 Then we picnicked outdoors.
Gryffy with Alexander, his best bud.

 Dad got off work to watch Gryffy graduate and ended up being chased by two classes of preschoolers. Such a cool dad... the kids are so lucky! 
 I was filling out a form recently since Gryffy's class is part of a thesis study, which requires some personality & developmental assessments. After I wrote this, I decided to snap a picture, because this is how I feel about my kids--they are both pure joy!
I got them all to myself on Mothers Day morning for about half an hour in our egg swing. We spend so much time in this swing together, snuggling up with a blanket, reading, or watching Mr. Tubbins in his little shire. When they eventually left me to play, I pulled out my new Kindle and enjoyed some books. I'm so excited to have these kids home for summer!

Soccer Season

Gryffin played soccer with the Destroyers again this spring. The boy seems to enjoy soccer, but spends more time doing somersaults and ninja fighter moves than actually chasing the ball.  As long as he's having fun...
Before the game, both teams would practice together. I love this arrangement because it doesn't cut into our weeknights.
 Same "Gryffindor" jersey as last year, which would explain why Gryffin seems to think he's playing Quidditch instead of soccer.
 Daddy was one of the coaches for the team this year. He did such a great job and was so patient with the boys.
 Here's Coach Devin, Nick's dad.  He was great.
 Working on some fancy moves.
 1-2-3 Destroyers!

 Gryffin's first goal...

  I love the sportsmanship.
 I didn't know where to throw this one in, but our family also did a 5K for the kids' school.
We came in last, but we did have the youngest walker on our team. We at least won "Most Spirited" for L's "jaguar" mask, and that's worth something!