Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Donuts and Dancing (Happy New Year)

Our new years always begin the same way: 
"In the year 2012, let this be our goal: to focus on the donut, instead of on the hole."
 We figure it's best to pack on the sweets as the rest of the world goes on a strict diet.
Because life is meant to be savored.

 We spent New Year's Eve at Orange Leaf.  Yeah, no resolutions to lose weight in this house.
The traditional fare was not neglected, either:
 And we celebrated our traditional NYE dance party, this time with the Wii.
 In fact, if you're wondering where I've been for two weeks, I've been taking up a new hobby. Wii ABBA Dance Party. Go on and laugh (like the boy at Target did when I asked him to retrieve it from behind the case--he's just not hip enough to "get" ABBA, but this Mamma Mia's gettin her groove on). Gryffy's got a killer Gargamel going with his Smurfs Dance Party. And Lorelei and Daddy, they like to dance-off to Just Dance 3.

 I take my dance moves seriously.
 The kids love dancing to "This is Halloween." I love when they link arms and twirl around.
 After the kids went to bed and Daddy took off for a NYE gig, I stayed up with Mr. Tubbins. He was my midnight kiss.
 And to make sure I'm on my best behavior this year, Lorelei made me a behavior chart. I'm rewarded with new clothes when I behave to her standards :o)
 Gryffy's helping out, too.
 I can't get over these kids! They're so funny.
Happy New Year!