Saturday, September 25, 2010

Funny Quote

Lorelei (as we're driving in the car): Mommy, people like to look at me because I'm so beautiful!  (Can't say our kids lack confidence!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Little Cubbie

Tonight Lorelei began "Iguanas" Club Cubbies. I gave her the choice of a second activity (besides violin), and it was a close call between dance and this, but Iguanas (Awanas) won out!
I love Awanas Clubs, in part because I have so many great memories of being a Sparky when I was a little girl.  I love that it's like scouts--full of games, crafts, and activities, and always opening with a song, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Awana's Pledge--but that badges and jewels are earned for memorizing Bible verses.  To this day, I can name all the OT and NT books in order, thanks to Awanas, which is still a helpful skill.  Lorelei loved her first Awanas Club!

First Day of Preschool

Today was Lorelei's first day with her friends in Mrs. Westervelt's and Mrs. Guthrie's class.
The morning began with a note and gifts from the Backpack Fairy...
...who left her a fairy slap bracelet, stickers, and a jump rope... and left behind her glow-in-the-dark magic wand! (No wonder none of the other kids got a visit from her.)
Here she is, our big 4 year old, ready to go!
Walking down the hall with Gryffy. Her preschool director, Leta Sprecher, is in the background--she always stands in the hall to welcome kids.
Gryffy's getting ready... he gets to start school in November.
Gryffy's sad to drop Lorelei off and leave her for the day.
But time flew by, and soon enough we were back to pick up Big Sister, who had a fabulous first day (while Gryffy and Mommy snuggled for a Disney movie).
I can't believe it's just one more year to kindergarten, but I know Lorelei loves school, and is always up for the adventure!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Night Before Preschool

Preschool starts back tomorrow, and I say BRING IT ON! Seriously, we need some structure that summer vacation just can't provide. But we did have fun saying sayanora to summer!
While Mommy went on a shopping spree with the Backpack Fairy (who visits tonight!), Daddy inflated the pool on the deck. The kids love this.
Sister loves her Buddy.
Then it was off to Grammy & BPop's for a back-to-school spaghetti dinner and roasting of s'mores.
Gryffy stuffed his face with marshmallows.
Fire. Hot.
BPop's ready for the toasty marshmallows.
Ooey Gooey.
Finger lickin' good.
Lorelei doesn't want to get too close to the fire!
But those s'mores are so worth it! We always do a treat the night before preschool begins--this year, s'mores replaced our standard slice of cake & candle. Even better!
And before tucking in, the kids practiced flying in their MATCHING Batman pajamas. Mommy had been looking for a pair of Superman pj's, but when she couldn't find any, Grammy came over with Batman pj's for Gryffy. Of course, Lorelei wanted a pair too. So Mommy went out to get another pair, the last one in Lorelei's size!
Yes, with those capes, they really CAN fly.
Two silly monkeys jumping off the bed! They'd better sleep well... the Backpack Fairy's on her way!

Lorelei's New Bike

Today Lorelei picked out a new (bigger) bike.
Princesses, of course!
She rode so well that she followed Daddy to the park.
I've never seen her ride like this! I think we had stunted her with a too-small bike before today.
Just her size. Look at her go! (Finally, a bike with brakes!)
We tried to get Gryffy to test a new bike today too, but he wouldn't have it.
So for now, he's riding Lorelei's old bike. A GIRL bike. Hey, whatever makes our man happy.
To cool off after biking in the cul-de-sac, the kids helped Daddy wash his car...

Pirate Parkapalooza

One day, a motley pirate crew sent us scallywags on a treasure hunting parkapalooza adventure.
It all started with a clue near the banks of Tomahawk Creek.
CLUE #1: We be Ascending toward a buried pirate treasure, scallywag dogs, but we can’t do our dirty diggin’ without ya. Look fer a set of clues to help ya to the booty...
So we followed the first clue to Ascension playground, only those filthy pirates forgot to tell us school was in!  Instead of anchoring there, we found Clue #2, and set sail...
Clue #2: Yo-Ho, me harties, but our ship took a turn toward the Heartland main. That be by your church, ye filthy poops. Look for treasure thar...
Clue #2 took us to a pirate park near our church and up a tree, where we soon discovered:
Clue #3: We’ve been marooned and teepeed by a band of Deanna Natives (an’ thay don’ smell of roses)! Save us, pirate brethren, from our mortal plight!
So off to Deanna Rose we sailed, where we set foot in an Indian village and found our last clue to the treasure:
Clue #4: Avast! Another band of pirates have seized our ship! We be toppin’ off our adventure an’ headin’ toward a frozen jungle of Orange Leafs!
(Clue's in the pot)
We finally anchored in Orange Leaf, and the pirates left us their bounty--a coupon for free frozen yogurt (and toppings to boot!).
We loaded up on everything--to ward off scurvy.
A pirate's life is tough...
...but someone's gotta do it!
Our beautiful buccaneer.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Romantic Ville de Quebec

Quebec City is charming, and almost tricked me into thinking I was back in France. Flowers spilled from every window, hand-carved signs swung in the St. Lawrence breeze, and cobbled streets tripped up rushing feet, as if to say, "Slow down. Savor the beauty of this place."
Painted facades brought back memories of my travels to Oberammergau, Germany. The movie "Catch Me if You Can" was filmed near this building.
Here's another.
Mark and I cruised on the St. Lawrence Waterway to Montmorency Falls. The winters are so cold here that the river freezes, and the ice must be broken for trade ships to sail through.
Le Chateau Frontenac overlooks Quebec City. It is today a hotel, owned by the Fairmont (too bad our Fairmont hotel is in Montreal--it's nice, but I'd prefer a hotel with turrets and spires, thanks).
Montmorency Falls are surprisingly higher than Niagara Falls.
Landlubber's view of Chateau Frontenac.
Inside the chateau's walls. This felt a bit like Loire Valley-meets-Neuschwanstein Castle, Canada style.
And finally, a collection of photos from the quaint Quebec walkways hugging the cliffs toward the water.