Saturday, June 28, 2014

4 July Parade

We love our neighborhood parade. So grateful for our friends who pull it off each year without a hitch. Mark, of course, would like an equal celebration for Canada Day... I'll get him a moose hat and make a stack of pancakes with maple syrup. But the US of A runs deep in our blood, with Mayflower pilgrims and Revolutionary War soldiers in our line. July 4 gets me every time.
Off to the parade!
 The neighbor kids gather at the big rocks, then make the procession to the pool.
Lulu and Gryffy are looking patriotic!
 Love them so!

 The OP Fire Department comes out each year to judge the bikes. Our neighbor Ava took home first prize this year!

 Donuts and snowcones-yum!
 Lorelei and Lexi. These girls are great friends.
 Lulu and Ava getting ready for the water balloon toss.
 Gryffy popped the balloon all over Mark with the first toss. Good sport, Daddy.
 Happy 4 July! Now on to the family reunions, baby showers, bday celebrations... and bring on the fireworks!