Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pecked by Penguins

The penguin pecking Gryffy (on the Plaza)

Lorelei and the penguin

Gryffy, Daddy, and Lorelei at the fountain
Well, lately the weather has been perfectly befitting of Kansas. A few days ago, we were trotting around the Country Club Plaza (for out-of-towners, it's a gorgeous area of Kansas City full of shops, all modeled after Seville, Spain) on a musty day, looking at the famous fountains.
Today, we were fighting off the chill with hot drinks, the plains now burdened in thick blankets of snow. It was perfect timing, however--Chapter 13 of my book, which I am fourteen pages into right now, spans the Christmas season in the land of Figglement.
Also of note: Gryffy has officially begun crawling across the room, as of his nine-month birthday. His first really impressive go of it was at the club, when Lorelei was getting her shoes on, and he just took off across the carpet beside us, trying to get at the stroller. I was hoping to put off this milestone for as long as possible, but he's a determined little bugger.
Gryffy and Lorelei at their favorite restaurant, T-Rex Cafe, a few nights ago.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lorelei Belle-Bottom's Birthday Invitation

Lorelei's 3rd birthday invitations went out today. This year's theme is '70's disco--we've even got a strobe light and siren for the event. Lorelei's had a recent obsession with Abba thanks to Mamma Mia, the movie--she heard Mommy and Daddy dancing downstairs one night to the DVD, and despite it being two hours past her bedtime, she got out of bed to join us for an impromptu dance party in the living room to the song Dancing Queen--we were having the time of our lives, as the song goes... hence, the disco birthday theme. Her invitation's below:
Lorelei Belle-Bottom's
Disco Dance Party
Hop aboard the LOCOMOTION and join Miss HOT STUFF herself, LORELEI Belle-Bottoms, for some SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. We'll PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC and have a birthday CELEBRATION. Come ready to SHAKE YOUR BOOTY with the DANCING QUEEN.
When: Saturday, March 7, 4-6 pm
Where: Grammy & B-pop's DISCO INFERNO
VOULEZ-VOUS responder by 2/28
**Afro your hair and show your '70's flair (or you'll be bounced right out of there)!

My Funny Valentines

Gryffy visits Lorelei's preschool on Valentine's Day.Sammy, Carina, Lorelei, Miss Joanne, and Henry making Valentine projects.
Miss Pinkalicious
Daddy and Gryffy in the playroom.
The queen of dress-up, Lorelei Belle.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Family Schedule

I'm sure that, years from now, I'll wonder how we used to spend our days. This schedule is an approximation, something I use for my own reference (with plenty of wiggle-room).

8:00 kids wake up, make beds, reserve LTF 402-5744
8:15 breakfast (options: breakfast burritos, oatmeal, cereal, omelettes, cream of wheat, fruit)
8:30 baths, teeth brushed, dressed
9:00 FREE TIME/errands
10:00 Gryffy’s first nap, Lorelei’s quiet time (books, art, puzzles, play, DVD, etc.)
11:00 family walk/FREE TIME/errands
12:30 lunch
1:00 nap/housework
4:00 Lifetime Fitness/kids' club
5:00 start dinner
5:30 dinner
7:15 Gryffy’s bed time rituals
7:45 Lorelei’s bed time rituals
9:00 bed time Wendy & Mark

Monday pm: family devotional time
Tuesday am: breakfast/errands with Grammy
Tuesday pm: swimming @ LTF
Wednesday am: Lorelei’s PDO, Gryffy's playdate, Wendy writes
Wednesday pm: dinner out, New Community @ Heartland (1st Wed. of month)
Thursday pm: swimming @ LTF
Friday am: 11:00 visit Grammy/Bpop, Lorelei stays
Friday pm: date night for Mommy and Daddy
Saturday am: Fun with Daddy, Wendy writes
Sunday: church, Skype with Grandma & Grandpa Connelly & cousins

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl and Miss Sociable

Superbowl night at Llywellyn's Pub, one of our favorite haunts. Gryffy's showing off his puffs. Now instead of spitting out his food to be silly, he claps for himself and cracks himself up. He thinks he's so funny! The Captain Morgan girls recruited Lorelei to show the dangers of not drinking responsibly.
Pajama Day at preschool--Cate, Lorelei, Ella, and Sammy.
Miss Joanne and Lorelei
Miss Renee and Lorelei
Princess Lorelei at one of five birthday parties in January--yes, our two-year-old needs a social secretary (glad I can be of some use).
Lorelei and Gryffy visit Daddy at work. They love riding together in the wagon. Lorelei takes good care of her little brother as they stroll around Mercy.