Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend in the Ozarks

We took the kids on a trip to the Ozarks to explore caves and play in the water slides of Tan-Tara resort, where we stayed in a room with a gorgeous, waterfront view. I could barely squeeze through the cave with Gryffy, but it was worth it... especially when Lorelei swore she saw a dragon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Spoon Feeding

Four months old... almost. But to heck with what the doctors say. We gave our boy his first taste of rice cereal today. He wasn't quite sure what to think...
Mommy's stuffing face.
He could barely keep it in. But hey, it was fun!
NOTE: Two years later, Gryffy LOVES rice cereal. We still give him a taste of baby food every now and then, because he's just always going to be our baby boy.
She either has a career in TV... or plumbing.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Preschool Princess & Her Fairy Backpacker

It's your first day of preschool (Parents' Day Out).
 My heart is overwhelmed by so many feelings--sadness that my big girl is slipping through my fingers so quickly, excitement for all the wonderful things coming your way! We made a special point of celebrating last night with a cake, and the Backpack Fairy even showed up in the middle of the night. She left fairy dust outside your door with your backpack, which was filled with new clothes, like the outfit you're wearing in this picture (above) before leaving home.
Here you are enjoying your First Day Cake, Chocolate Chin!
Outside Christ Lutheran Early Education Center. Your PDO class runs from 9:30-2:30, a long day to be away from my girl. I can't imagine how moms can go to work and leave their kids all day, everyday! I couldn't leave this princess! But I look at you here and know you're ready for this fun adventure (and keep reminding myself that it is, after all, only one day a week).
Bringing cookies to the teachers. Like mother, like daughter.
Ella & Lorelei, friends from a few months old.
Mommy keeps peeking in at you. You're already having fun!
By the end of the day, you own the place.
Miss Renee and Miss Joanne, your first teachers. You love them (and they sure think you're something special, because you are)!
Mommy made a special travel pillow for your naptime by ironing onto it a picture (below) of our family. I wanted you to know that we were always with you, thinking of you the whole day through. You loved snuggling with your pillow, your princess blanket, and your Belle doll from Aunt Michelle, but weren't too keen on sleeping in your little cot!
I'm proud of you my big preschool princess!
And I love love love you!