Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gryffin the Birthday Buccaneer

Gryffin John celebrated his first birthday party tonight with his toddler & older sibling friends--Will & Nicholas, Jonah & Noah, Robert & Grace, Jonny & Sammy, Abby & Hannah, Luke & Savannah, Piper, Rushil--and family--Meaghan, Todd & Jennie, Great Grammy, Grammy & BPop, Lorelei, Mommy, & Daddy--at the LifeTime Fitness pool. I still can't believe how quickly a year has flown by. He is such a joy; our Mr. Gryff. Your little curls, your sparkling eyes, your fierce smile... I love everything about you. Your snogging kisses, your sweet little voice and giggle, your cool, studly swagger. Mommy, Daddy, and Lorelei LOVE LOVE LOVE you, Gryffindor!!! XOXO

Friday, May 15, 2009

Family photo shoot--Spring 2009

Lorelei treated our family to a garden tea party in honor of Gryffy's one year birthday. Our friend and photographer, Julie Anderson, captured it with her magic, and I've put together a slideshow of the images. You can see more stills at

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gryffin's Dedication

Today, on Mother's Day, our little boy was dedicated to God. He wasn't very happy about it. He cried throughout most of the ceremony, in fact, except for when his finger was wedged in his mouth. But it didn't matter, really, because it was our promise, as parents, to raise him up to love God and to hear about the love of Jesus.

Our friend, Nick, praying for Gryffin and our family.

He's so sleepy he can barely keep his eyes open.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Walking with swagger

Gryffin's friend, Nolan, let him borrow his walking sticks. Here's the little tyke now, trotting around with swagger. And check out those two front teeth on our boy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Girls' Day Out & Mr. Stinky Feet

Today was Girls' Day Out for Lorelei and Mommy. We started out our day at Wonderscope with a few friends, and Lorelei got to dance and play back-up instruments for Mr. Stinky Feet. After playing in the water works, going grocery shopping (in a pretend grocery store), visiting outer space, and playing golf (sort of), we went to Schlotzsky's for Lorelei's favorite veggie pizza and a Cinnabon. Then it was a day of shopping for some posh accessories for tomorrow's family pictures, including feathers for L's hair, a frumpy white boa, and shocking orange nail polish for tonight's Mommy & Me manicures and pedicures. But the best part of my day was when Lorelei gave me an Eskimo kiss and said, "Oh, I just love spending time with you, Mama!"
Lorelei hugging her friend, Jameson.


Lorelei joined Mr. Stinky Feet's band.

Lorelei with Mr. Stinky Feet and Jeffrey (green striped shirt) from Music With Mar.

Lorelei at the Waterworks

Porter, Lorelei, and Piper