Monday, April 13, 2009

Going on an Egg Hunt

On Saturday, our friends from Topeka (the Bahr family--J.C., Jennifer, Brett, and Preston) came to visit. The older kids had a picnic on the floor, while the adults enjoyed some ham and asparagus strata and Gryffin showed off his new words from his high chair. Then Grammy, BPop, and Meaghan joined us all for an egg hunt in the front yard.
We were supposed to host a rather large potluck and egg hunt at our home on Sunday with several friends, and had to cancel at the last minute, doctor's orders... Wendy had strep throat. And so we had Easter dinner of orange glazed ham alone, but still in good company!
The kids' Easter Buckets

Gryffin's first Easter

Lorelei finds a carrot left by the Easter Bunny.

Hmmm... these look like bunny tracks going up the stairs. Must be the Easter Bunny!

Saturday night potluck at church.

Meaghan and Lorelei showing off their eggs.

Why we call her "Klepto."

Lorelei trying to beat Meaghan to some eggs.

Gryffin exploring the turf.

Lorelei's got an egg!

So does Gryffy!

This buccaneer knows how to hunt for treasure.

Lorelei's taking the hunt very seriously.

Before the hunt.

Gryffy and Preston.

Brett and Lorelei having a picnic.

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