Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck o' the Irish!

The trolley--if you look really close, you'll see Gryffy in a side window, and Lorelei & J.P. in the front!
What a lucky St. Patrick's Day! Our friends, the Bell/O'Connell clan, were honored in the KC St. Patty's Day Parade with the Spirit Award, which goes to one family per year. It's a high honor, and it meant they got to ride a trolley... and WE got to ride with them! What luck! Gryffy waved out the window (Mommy guiding his hands) and Lorelei sat in the front window with her friend, J.P. Bell. It was wild!
We met Mark for lunch at Crown Center and visited the amazing Fairy Tale Village, but Lorelei threw a bit of a nasty fit. Okay, a really horrible, kicking screaming fit, because she didn't want to sit down at a restaurant (REAL REASON: she was exhausted).
For dinner, I made Irish Stew and Colcannon Potatoes--neither had much flavor.
And we ended the evening with Disney on Ice at Sprint Center. Lorelei was yelling for Tinkerbell and clapping furiously, Gryffy kept pointing at Mickey and saying "mouse!" They loved it. St. Patty's Day couldn't have been better!

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