Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tomfooleries and Shenanigans

St. Patrick's Day began with Irish kisses.
 I had the privilege of writing the St. Patrick's Day article for KC Parent Magazine, and enjoyed some of the projects in the article with our family.
 Here the kids are stuffing stockings with seeds and potting soil to make chia-inspired leprechauns.
 They began to sprout in about a week...
 And it was full-on hair come St. Patty's Day. We used items around the house (googly eyes, pom-poms, old t-shirt paint) and didn't find anything for beards. Still, they turned out cute, were super easy, and we had fun making them! I think this will become a St. Patty's tradition!
 Here are the kids, showing them off.
 Guess who came knockin' on our door? (Actually, he sneaked inside... use the loo.) Leprechaun tinkle.
 And luck o' the Irish! Our friends, the Bell family, invited us to join them for a second year on the O'Connell Family trolley in the Kansas City St. Patrick's Day Parade (insert heel click and a frolic)!

 Gryffy loved the trolley ride and was mesmerized by the parade. He acted so grown up today--behaving like gold!
 Irish eyes are smilin'!
 Lorelei with her buddy J.P.. They've known each other forever and are dear friends.
 Photo op with Slugger. Go Royals!
 Life's ruff.
Their favorite spot--the front of the trolley. 
 Peering out at all the excitement.
 Gryffin, Lorelei, Nolan and J.P.
 Kiss me! I'm Irish! 
 Greeting the crowd... because they all came out to see the Connelly kids and Bell boys.
 Gryffy waving his streamer. He really entertained the crowd with his cute little arm waving, but got tired halfway through the ride (it's a long parade)!
 Clover Queen.
 I love special times with my kiddos.
 Mr. Curls.
 A blarney good St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Your kids are just adorable- and YES, I love Gryffin's curls too!! WOW- that is one head of hair and he's looking so grown up!