Sunday, September 9, 2012


Gryffy's got a new gig--soccer.
Here's his Heartland team: The Destroyers.
They picked the name themselves.
 He's got some hard-core fans.
(He wanted "Gryffindor" on his shirt.)
Before the games, the dads work with the boys on drills.
 G's fortunate that his Daddy knows all about soccer.  
(His Mommy does not have an athletic bone in her body.)
And B-Pop once coached the championship team.  Mark couldn't make the first game due to a band gig, so B-Pop stepped in and saved the day.
Gryffy, Nick (coach's son), and Dylan
 These boys are major buds.
Here's Gryffy and Dylan doing some practice drills.
 I love that arm action with every kick.

 Here's some action on the field.  Gryffy was really aggressive his first game. 
 G has a perma-smile on his face the whole game through.  Pure joy.
 Here he is, about to score his first goal!
(He still thinks it was a goal for his team... we didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise.)

Coach had to continually remind him which goal was ours.
That minor detail was completely lost on Gryffy.
But it's all for good fun.
 Yep, I think some fun was had.
 1-2-3 Go Destroyers!
 The boy LOVES soccer.  
"Mommy, I want to play soccer all the time!"

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