Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter 'Thirteen

We love Easter.
Even when the weather doesn't feel so springy.
 Kansas has seen a really rotten Jack Frost winter. It canceled out several days of school, the Daddy Daughter Dance, and alas, our neighborhood egg hunt. Fortunately, we have a great huddle of neighbors on our cul-de-sac and just up the street. They came to the rescue and pulled off our first ever egg hunt in the snow.
It could not have been more fun!
Good thing those are bright eggs--it took a bit of digging to find them.
The Schiebel family served hot chocolate with marshmallows, which Lorelei spilled all over herself, bawling on the knee-deep trudge home.
There's Katie, serving up some steamy cuppas on one very cold day. Thanks Katie!
We did our traditional egg-dying.

And on Resurrection morning before church, the kids followed the web of strings left by the Easter Bunny leading to their Easter Buckets.

There was a bit of a tangle leading to the backyard.
They hunted eggs.

Gryffy found the Golden Egg.

They loved their Easter Buckets. Both got chocolate eggs and bunnies, egg shaped mac 'n cheese, swim suits, balloons, and toys--Lorelei got a bunny and mouse family she'd been coveting, and Gryffy got the red light saber he'd been begging for.
They were both pleased as punch.
We dressed for church, and I had to snap some pictures (to my family's chagrin).
Gryffy, looking dapper, at least obliged since he got to hold Tubbins.
Could he be any more darling?
Lorelei's photo shoot took some bribery, but I'm sure one day she'll thank me for snapping this gem in her pretty yellow dress. Isn't she a beauty?
And my dear hubby, huffing almost as much as Lorelei about this little photo shoot idea, snapped a shot of me with our Easter Bunny, too.
I'm really grateful. I'm rarely ever in photos, and I rather like this one.
Then it was off to church to celebrate the Resurrection.
And guess who got another chance to attend the snowed-out Daddy Daughter Dance with her Heartland school friends and one very dapper date?
 He even wore a tux.
Happy Easter! Welcome, Spring!

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