Saturday, May 25, 2013

Soccer Season

Gryffin played soccer with the Destroyers again this spring. The boy seems to enjoy soccer, but spends more time doing somersaults and ninja fighter moves than actually chasing the ball.  As long as he's having fun...
Before the game, both teams would practice together. I love this arrangement because it doesn't cut into our weeknights.
 Same "Gryffindor" jersey as last year, which would explain why Gryffin seems to think he's playing Quidditch instead of soccer.
 Daddy was one of the coaches for the team this year. He did such a great job and was so patient with the boys.
 Here's Coach Devin, Nick's dad.  He was great.
 Working on some fancy moves.
 1-2-3 Destroyers!

 Gryffin's first goal...

  I love the sportsmanship.
 I didn't know where to throw this one in, but our family also did a 5K for the kids' school.
We came in last, but we did have the youngest walker on our team. We at least won "Most Spirited" for L's "jaguar" mask, and that's worth something!

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