Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gryffin's FIVE!

It seems impossible. Buddy's F-I-V-E.
He wanted a Lord of the Rings adventure trek to Monkey Island for his party. Hence the hobbit cake (he helped with the decorations and did a fabulous job).

 The Fellowship of the Ring

 It was a long awaited party.
 They set off from the Shire.
Dylan, Trey, Gryffin, Nick, Ethan, Elijah, Jack, Katherine, Ben, Dylan

 Beware... orcs are lurking in Mirkwood Forest.

 The orc attacks!
 The Fellowship fought him off.
They discovered candy treasure.

 The orc's demise.
After the party, Gryffy kept saying, "That party was so fun!" He planned the whole thing himself; we just made it happen, all the way down to the hairy hobbit feet.
Happy Birthday handsome Buddy.
On his actual birthday, we had a family dinner at T-Rex for his birthday interview.
Five things I love about our five-year-old Gryffin:
1. I love the way you snuggle with me and pat me on the back or on the head to show your love. We snuggle a lot, especially in our egg swing while I read you "The Hobbit." You have such a big heart that spills with love and joy.
2. You're that kid everyone is drawn to. There's just something about you that people and animals alike seem to love. Charisma, perhaps? Cuteness, too. And it's effortless.
3. You love being home. You're never bored, but always use your creative imagination to fight off trolls and orcs and Darth Vader to defend your territory (and your mama). 
4. You adore your sister, and Lorelei adores you. You love playing with Daddy, especially Wii and sword fighting and legos. You adore Mr. Tubbins too, and that bunny always comes to you. 
5. You are so thorough and independent about doing things. Very intelligent and deliberate.

We love you, Gryffindor! Happy Birthday!

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