Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gryffin's SIX!

Gryffin John finally turned six!
(He's not fond of being one of the youngest in kindergarten, he likes to remind us.)
 This year, Gryffin wanted a backyard Minecraft party. Easy-peasy, and oh-so-fun!
Backyard parties are the best!
 He loved this Creeper named "Creepy".
 Gryffy's favorite toy was the Minecraft pickaxe from Miles.

 The trampoline. Best investment ever.

 Birthday kisses!
 I've been lagging behind on blogging since going back to school, so I'm throwing in some soccer pics. Gryffin's had an amazing season and suddenly decided that he LOVES soccer. He can't wait for soccer camp this summer.
Dylan and Gryffin.
 Exuberant at every game.
 Getting a hug from his best bud, Miles.

 Star Destroyers.

 Back to the party, left to right:
Mete, Mete's sister, Mitchell, Miles, Lorelei, Annabel (back)
Josh, Averie, Luke, Gryffin, Kai, Rahul, Lizzie (front)
Six things we love about Gryffin.
1) Gryffin is Mr. Fun. He's the most fun-loving, joyful kid around. His smile lights up his face and has the power of contagion. Charisma all around.
2) Gryffin's heart is made of pure gold. He is so compassionate. Just last night, I burnt my hand while camping, and immediately Gryffin ran to the ice cooler to get the biggest chunk of ice he could find without even being asked. He's constantly caring for others, picking up on the emotions of others, genuinely giving of himself.
3) Gryffin's a little genius. His adorable teacher, Miss Hill, often remarks what a great student he is despite being the youngest boy in class. She says he's the leader, and that he's so fun because he's goofy at just the right times, but helps keep the other kids in line by setting a good example when appropriate.
4) Gryffin still loves to snuggle with me. I love it when he climbs into bed in the early mornings, or surprises me with hugs and a sweet little squeak like a baby. (Yes, I baby my baby.)
5) Gryffin has a loyal heart. I see great character in him and know that he is a boy of integrity, which will carry him far in life. He can be trusted.
6) Despite being a homebody, Gryffin has a spirit of adventure. He rides falling elevators and roller coasters with me, does back flips on the trampoline, and crosses continents to take in new horizons. Just like his namesake, the mythological gryphon, Gryffy is loyal, brave and free.
Love him with all my heart! 

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