Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back 2 School 2014-15

It's the first day back to school and Gryffin's first full-day. Be still my heart!
 They picked out their backpacks.
 And were visited last night by the Backpack Fairy, who has come ever since Lorelei's first day of preschool. She brings small gifts, like books, magazine subscriptions, toothbrushes, keychains & jewelry, and pajamas.

 This year, the Backpack Fairy also assigned both kids a word for the year. Lorelei's is SPEAK. Gryffin's is JOY.
 No Bake Cookies are our tradition for their first day of school, but I was at a conference all day so made them last night. Mark stole a few last night--his favorites.
 My big, full-day first grader!
 And third-grade going on thirteen with braces!
Daddy stayed home to help see them off to school. Super special to have him there to walk them in.
 And it meant I actually got in a picture for once, too!
 Gryffy found his buds right away.
 Laney and Lulu sit next to each other in class. This is their first year together.
 G & L with their besties, Miles & Annabelle.
My role on PTO (with all my vast amounts of time, seeing as I'm a full-time grad student) is to babysit Miles and Annabelle while their mom has meetings. She's the prez, and is going to be phenomenal. Jenny, does this mean I get parking perks too? ;)
 It was fun to walk them in together this year!

 Lulu with her teacher, who's new to their school and comes with high praise. 26 students in that class, bless her!

 Gryffy with his teacher. Our whole cul de sac has had her for 1st grade and loved her!
 I'll admit, I shed a few tears yesterday at T-Rex Cafe (our last summer lunch!), but stayed strong while dropping them off... only to burst into tears again on my way to the car. Can't believe they're both in school full-time. After 8 years of being home with them, it's a huge change!
 No homework yet, but the neighbors came over and had lots of fun poring over the quizzes from the Discovery Girls Magazine the fairy brought this morning. Having them bouncing on the trampoline and  having water fights after school made it feel like summer never ended.

So proud of my phenomenal kids. Wishing them the best school year yet!

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