Thursday, June 16, 2016


Neck and neck with Chios (I'll post those pics next), this little-known Greek island, Symi, was perhaps my very favorite. Apart from its mention in the Iliad, it's a hidden gem, not yet ruined by large tourist crowds. If there's ever a not-to-miss island, I think we've stumbled upon it.
Here's the view pulling up from the ship. This is the thing about Symi - everywhere you look is as picture-perfect as this gorgeous setting behind us. Every single inch of the island is like a sun-drenched film set in the Dodecanese.
 Symi! Even the name is pronounced, "see me!"

 Lo and behold, a Greek wedding strolling by!
 Every home and business donned these brilliant colors.
I'll just let the pictures speak.

 Movie star!

 Even the courtyards boasted brilliant color.
 We took a journey into the hills to explore more of the island; you could hear locals in their homes, settling in for the evening around tables and tellies.
 Kids got a bit giddy. Lorelei's evil-eye bracelet on the ground trapped ants into a miniature gladiatorial arena. The kids were delighted spectators.
 We hiked high into the hills, surrounded by billy goats. Watching them scale those cliffs is remarkable.
 Hiking back into town.

 I love this before/after which shows the spectacular way the islanders have updated these old stone homes with vibrant facades.

We left our hearts in Symi! If you're ever in Greece or Turkey (just a hop across an Aegean puddle is the Anatolia coast), be sure to catch a ferry to our little film set island, Symi.

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