Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Lovin'

Before the summer slips by, I wanted to capture a few memories of our lazy crazy summer days that I love oh-so-much! Here Gryffy was invited two doors down for a slumber party with his buds Caden & Avery. He was so dang excited. "This is the best day of my life!"
 I updated the piano room with new pillows, IKEA frames and some photos of our family's favorite trips.

 And said good-bye to my dear friend & spiritual sister Jena, who just moved back to Canada (this time to Vancouver). Tasha and I got to celebrate her and reminisce about all our fun times and early Saturday morning circle ups. Miss her already.
 Loads and loads of snuggles. Life doesn't get much better.
 And a 1:30 am wake-up-and-go with the neighbors to IHOP. Just because we felt a little crazy.
 Gryffy looks thrilled, I know. (But he's been begging to do it again ever since, so he wasn't too scarred.)
 Man, I love our neighbors. Family, really.
 I've been getting a head start on Greek since I'm an obsessive PREcrastinator. Gryffy grades my handwriting with phrases like, "Is this real since it's perfect?" and "My mind vanished"...
 ... and of course noted the resemblance of omegas to the "butt and boobs from Greece" he saw on some uncouth postcards in Santorini. Oh, Gryffin...
 But hey, he's learning Greek. Here's his attempt to spell out the alphabet. I was impressed.
 Meanwhile Lorelei's become an avid cook. She took a baking class through Blue Valley and came home with these delicious treats.

 Another slumber party & neighborhood movie dive-in.
The kids also got a tour of the new sanctuary at COR. It was fun for them to see the inside of the "space ship."
 And what's summer without a drive-in movie? BFG & Dory.
 Worlds/Oceans of Fun. Gryffy went on all the coasters he could, including the Mamba.
 Here's Lorelei's impression of Gryffy's face on the Mamba - ha!
Our Luksa/Shorthill family reunion at Gage Park with cousins.
I used to climb this big octopus when I was a kid - every summer we'd make the drive from Colorado for 4 July.
And there were some shenanigans around the Fourth thanks to our stellar neighbors. Kids had a blast.

Rule-breakers, we?
Perhaps, but only to teach the kids a great theological lesson with a nod to Thomas Aquinas:
Lex malla, lex nulla. :)

We decorated the White House & talked about the election in November.
Another slumber party/Bake-Off Competition. The kids made frittatas, seasoned popcorn & muffins in a mug.

 Mark was the judge. We have some budding chefs!
And I got to celebrate Lori's wedding shower with several of my high school friends in Topeka. She's still our sparkling class Prez who keeps everyone together like glue. Love her!
 Summer's drifting way too fast and I want to hold on for dear life - and this one's been especially filled to the brim with fun and festivities! I love the slow & intentional pace of these hot, uncluttered days.

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