Monday, August 15, 2016

First Day of 3rd/5th grade

It was tough to say goodbye to summer 2016. The back-to-school ice cream social, where the kids' classroom assignments are posted to the door, sneaked up on us like it always does!
Lorelei was thrilled she got her first pick for teacher, but a bit crestfallen that her closest friends were together in a different class.
Lots of Gryffy's buds wound up in his class, and he had a new teacher to HRT.
Still a bit crestfallen, but at least this friend lives two doors down! (Lorelei ended up making many wonderful friends in her class, and all is well!)
Everyone descends on the gym to pick up school supplies and attend to sign ups at various stations. Then they head to class, G with his supplies in tow.
Gryffy met Mrs. Castilla for the first time, his third grade teacher. She turned out to be great, and I love that she's really stirred in him a love of history (especially around the Mayflower, which he's super keen on).
 And Lorelei just adores Mrs. Gafney! They're always doing something fun and creative, and get to listen to music like Harry Potter all during the day while they work. Perfect match!

She's a FIFTH GRADER!!! Still trying to wrap my head (and heart) around that...
On the first day of school, the Backpack Fairy arrived with the goods as usual. But Buddy wanted nothing to do with pictures.

He's warming up just a bit by the time Ava arrives to carpool.

Sherry and I drowned our sorrows at sending the kids off for another year over some Caribou coffee, our fave hangout.
 And by the time the kids came home, they both reported having a great first day. Then Gryffy pulled out his library books and my heart fluttered! He ditched Captain Underpants for classical studies. My determination to get the kids out to see the world and to appreciate art and history and the humanities seems to be paying big dividends. I've seen their minds and curiosity about the world expand so much!
And then there was the neighborhood Back-to-Pool party, sombreros included. Our last splash of the summer!

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