Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

I'm so grateful for the impact of fathers who make the world go round and also keep the world steady. I have great kids because they have such a great dad. World's best, in my opinion! Mark is always finding ways to connect: tossing balls and frisbees, swimming with them, attending their games, understanding their needs, setting aside time from work for big adventures.

He's a rock star.

And we all adore him.

Last year we began a Father's Day tradition that the kids would not let us forget: gathering with neighbors in the middle of the night at IHOP to celebrate dads, and doing a fire drill run around the car on the drive home.

So here we are again, 2am, IHOP.

But it took awhile for all these smiles to emerge. Because what seems like the best-idea-ever throughout the wide-eye hours to these kids can feel a bit grueling after midnight. Lorelei still popped right out of bed. But Gryffy, well... not much has changed from last year!

Eventually all the kids came around and, after a few syrupy pancakes, were gleeful and giddy as all get out. And the fire drill - it's a hoot!

Happy Father's Day!

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