Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl and Miss Sociable

Superbowl night at Llywellyn's Pub, one of our favorite haunts. Gryffy's showing off his puffs. Now instead of spitting out his food to be silly, he claps for himself and cracks himself up. He thinks he's so funny! The Captain Morgan girls recruited Lorelei to show the dangers of not drinking responsibly.
Pajama Day at preschool--Cate, Lorelei, Ella, and Sammy.
Miss Joanne and Lorelei
Miss Renee and Lorelei
Princess Lorelei at one of five birthday parties in January--yes, our two-year-old needs a social secretary (glad I can be of some use).
Lorelei and Gryffy visit Daddy at work. They love riding together in the wagon. Lorelei takes good care of her little brother as they stroll around Mercy.

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