Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Family Schedule

I'm sure that, years from now, I'll wonder how we used to spend our days. This schedule is an approximation, something I use for my own reference (with plenty of wiggle-room).

8:00 kids wake up, make beds, reserve LTF 402-5744
8:15 breakfast (options: breakfast burritos, oatmeal, cereal, omelettes, cream of wheat, fruit)
8:30 baths, teeth brushed, dressed
9:00 FREE TIME/errands
10:00 Gryffy’s first nap, Lorelei’s quiet time (books, art, puzzles, play, DVD, etc.)
11:00 family walk/FREE TIME/errands
12:30 lunch
1:00 nap/housework
4:00 Lifetime Fitness/kids' club
5:00 start dinner
5:30 dinner
7:15 Gryffy’s bed time rituals
7:45 Lorelei’s bed time rituals
9:00 bed time Wendy & Mark

Monday pm: family devotional time
Tuesday am: breakfast/errands with Grammy
Tuesday pm: swimming @ LTF
Wednesday am: Lorelei’s PDO, Gryffy's playdate, Wendy writes
Wednesday pm: dinner out, New Community @ Heartland (1st Wed. of month)
Thursday pm: swimming @ LTF
Friday am: 11:00 visit Grammy/Bpop, Lorelei stays
Friday pm: date night for Mommy and Daddy
Saturday am: Fun with Daddy, Wendy writes
Sunday: church, Skype with Grandma & Grandpa Connelly & cousins

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  1. Hey Wendy! It was fun to catch up with your happenings! How is your book coming along? I think Lorelei looks just like you and that little Gryffy is so darn cute! That's cool that you guys do family devotional time on Monday night- we have our Family Home Evening FHE night as well on Monday. I miss you guys- I wish you were still our neighbors- we'll have to meet up somewhere between KC and Nashville to get together! That would be awesome!