Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Connelly Family Visit

Grandma, Grandpa, Kayla, and Tyler came to visit us this week from Canada! It was their first trip to our home, and we loved having them here!

The Connellys, in front of the wardrobe into Narnia

Saturday: After lunching, Lorelei showed her cousins, Kayla and Tyler, her fishing creek along our neighborhood trail. That night, we went to Mass at Ascension, the church across the street. Then we supped on shepherd's pie and spent a relaxing evening at home.

Lorelei leads Kayla to her fishing spot.

Lorelei in her new mommy-and-me matching apron with Grandma and Grandpa.
Sunday: We went to our church, Heartland, in the morning. Then we saw the Plaza, ate at Fritz's Railroad Restaurant in Crown Center, and visited Union Station. Lorelei loved the Science Museum, and we all enjoyed seeing the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit. The kids fell asleep in the planetarium, and when Mark and I decided to linger, we didn't know they'd turn out the lights on us. Pitch blackness, a sudden panic, and a loud thud. When Mark tumbled blindly over the banister dividing the exit, naptime was over!

Throwing the beach ball in the living room was a staple of our nightly gatherings.
Gryffy in his conductor's hat at Fritz's Restaurant. Choo-choo cute.

King and Queen of Narnia. Lorelei and Tyler in a helicopter at the Science Center. Monday: We spent this morning at the gym and pool, and even tempted a few waterslides. After lunch, we explored the Legends outdoor mall and dined at Lorelei's favorite restaurant, T-Rex. We also finished our dining room wall, topped off by wall letters--Connelly Family--I got for free (in exchange for a decorating idea). Good trade off, I think. :-)

Tyler and Lorelei play in the fountain at the Legends.
Our new dining room wall--we spend A LOT of time here as a family.Tuesday: The morning brought rumbles of thunder, but cleared enough to allow a visit to Deanna Rose Farmstead.
Grandma and Grandpa brought some gifts from Canada. Lorelei loved her stickers and sock purse, and Gryffy was thrilled with his little bear and football. He kept saying "football" and pointing at it.

Giving the horse a thank you pat.

Hayride through Deanna Rose Farmstead.

Gryffy and Grandpa Ralph--there's definitely a resemblance.
Lorelei churns butter.

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