Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let Freedom Ring!

July 4th is such a celebration, but this year we had to celebrate without Mark :0(. His Lynyrd Skynyrd band (Edge of Forever) was playing for a concert of 12,000 fans in Iowa, while Lorelei, Gryffy, Bpop, Grammy, Meaghan, and I were watching his other band, Atlantic Express, get their motown swing on at the Corporate Woods fireworks display in Overland Park. Gryffy busted some moves with Mommy, and Lorelei and Meg teamed up with a few other girls for games of "Mother May I," "Simon Says," and various forms of "Tag." And when the fireworks did their snap crackle pop, I loved having both kids huddled on my lap (even if my oldest was screaming like a banshee).

Lorelei & Gryffin in Grammy & BPop's yard, just down the street from Overland Park's biggest fireworks display (one of Kansas City's best)!

Mommy, Gryffin, and Lorelei. We missed Daddy (and Lorelei sure let him know it tonight). When Daddy got home, Lorelei said, "You weren't there Daddy and so I was scared 'cause you were not there!"

BPop, Gryffin, Grammy, Meaghan, and Lorelei enjoying the festivities.

Meaghan and Lorelei snuggle under the blanket to keep warm. The weather was a cross between late summer and early fall, with a touch of a breeze--perfect!

Meaghan and Lorelei don hats to stave off loud bangs. Wish Mommy had one to stave off loud screams (see below)...

Lorelei screamed a dry, heaving scream at every explosion. Gryffy, on the other hand, pointed and babbled at them in awe. It's amazing how God made each of my kids so unique and different, and how I love them both so much!

Poor Lorelei. She begged to go home, so we left early. Lucky for us, we had phenomenal views of the fireworks on our way out (note the kids craning their heads in their wagon). We even got to stop near Grammy's house to watch the finale, AND we beat traffic!

At the cousin BBQ on July 3rd: Daphne, Stephanie, Wendy, Chelsey, Dalton, Lindsy

Lindsy, Lorelei, Wendy, Jennie, Todd, Stephanie, Grammy, Cindy at Chili's in Topeka

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