Thursday, July 1, 2010

Airing our dirty laundry

I know I don't keep a pristine house. This morning I took a camera through my house and took inventory of things EXACTLY as they were. And now I'm airing my dirty laundry...

First, stacks of clean laundry I still haven't put away... do you see that toy finger pointing at me in shame?
Our living room isn't so bad at first glance...
But look closer here. Shoes out of place, and more laundry to put away. It's been there for a week.
This is my clutter spot, the kitchen. At least there's vinegar water and paper towels on the countertops from cleaning the cabinets and floors yesterday. Still, I found a dirty dish from a midnight snack in the sink.
Clutter. Ugh. I don't even like to look at this.
More clutter.
Evidence of how I spent Gryffin's nap time yesterday... teaching Lorelei phonics, handwriting, how to read an analog clock, violin lessons, cutting, reading Tom Thumb and checking for comprehension.
(I just wanted you to see my cute clock of the kids here! And the letter "C" I drew on the clock--we use clock positions for handwriting in the Spalding Method. "Letter C: Start at 2, up and around the clock, touch the ground, stop at 4.")
Laminated handwriting paper, workbook (math), phonics cards, fairy tale book on the floor.
Dining room's a bit disheveled, but uncluttered.
The stairs are a pile zone...
Master bed's unmade--all decorative pillows and top spread on the floor. This is a habit I must work on--having a made bed does wonders for my sanity.
The cubbies in the guest room--looking pretty good.  Notice the shocking pink walls we painted this week, the new base trim, and the floors we laid?  Cue the oohs and ahhs.
Lorelei's room is mostly clean. Good job, Loli!
Gryffin's room. We just keep the pull-out bed pulled out... I wind up in it just about every night, getting Buddy back to sleep. Another habit to break.
The master bath. To my credit, I did clean the sinks and tub yesterday. The kids woke up before I got to the mirror and countertops--look at those streaks! As usual, I have a quote on my bathroom mirror. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Hmmm... Perhaps this should say "all things, except cleaning house?"
I would like to point out that cute picnic basket on the bathtub--it contains teacups and saucers for our bathroom tea parties.

And finally, I think the fridge is a great summary of our home--cluttered, yet redeemable for teaching (see all those letters?), training (look at those Daddy dollars), uplifting (family art, pictures, newspaper clippings, the nametag I wore on Wheel of Fortune), and fun (zoo tickets, U2 tickets, New Theatre tickets, groupons, movie passes).
So now I've come clean. Our house is a mess. But guess how many minutes of tv my kids watched yesterday? Zero. And guess how much time I spent with them? Almost all day. Cleaning up while kids are growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing.

Today, I pledge to do a better job for my husband (who rarely complains, bless him) and kids (who love our messy home--it's clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy). And for my own sanity, I will make my bed for the next 21 days, and hope it becomes a habit. I'm going to give myself stickers for it on my "sprouting good habits" beanstalk. I'll keep you posted...

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