Thursday, July 29, 2010

Choo-Choo Train

The kids have been a little train obsessed lately.  So this morning, on a whim, we took a drive to Baldwin City to catch their 10:30 train to Nowhere.  Yes, there's a real place with a sign labeled Nowhere midway through the one hour ride.  We made it onto the train in the nick of time!
All aboard! (Or, as Lorelei used to say, "All Daboard!")
It was hot on this train, but cooled off when we set off. 
Notice the pink cheeks? The kids look like lobsters!
We took our Thomas the Train books and read every one!
The engine hooking up to the train for the second
leg of our trip back to Baldwin City.
Gryffin at the station. He loved our train day!

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  1. Hey Wendy! IT was great catching up on your blog today- cute, cute kiddos! I love Gryffin's curly hair! It's amazing how much kids love trains! Glad you are having a great summer!