Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Magic of Christmas Day

Christmas at home was magical!
 The stockings are stuffed and the fire is roaring.
 Santa's been here with his bag of loot.
 He only left crumbs on his new plate.
 Look who just woke up! On your mark, get set...
 They can't wait to go!
 Tearing into presents from Santa--Lorelei's opening her pet dog, and Gryffy's getting his Toy Story 3 friends: Woody, Buzz, and Alien.  He's been carrying them around all morning.
 Race cars with launchers.
 Lorelei's pet kitty. She loves it!
 Gryffy opening his moving dinosaur from Grandma & Grandpa Connelly.

 And Lorelei's favorite gift--her hot pink violin from Grandma/Grandpa Connelly, Kayla & Tyler, to match her hot pink nails.
 Gryffy's favorite present.

 Lorelei's helping Daddy unwrap his gift from Mommy...
 Keurig coffee maker!
Daddy's present to Mommy was the custom-cut Christmas lights she's always wanted!  (A few were out, but they fixed them the next day).
Lorelei asked for a colorful star, and Santa delivered.  I love those ornaments of the kids' tiny baby feet--we made them out of latex molds and Plaster of Paris their first Christmases.
 Can you spot the spotted bunny?
 Hoppin' around and munching on wrappings--we had to clean up the paper fast!
 Mmm... wrapping paper.  Nibble nibble.
 Checking out the robotic dinosaur--Gryffy was frightened everytime it roared!
 Oh yes--hot coffee!
 Candlelit breakfast with coffee and casseroles.
 The kids love their Danimals yogurt.
 Marble machine... this is all we built in the span of hours.  Currently on page 36 out of 84.  Mark's not happy (I didn't notice it had 480 pieces when I bought it--oops)!
 Grammy stopped by after stockings were opened to spend some time with the kids (and bestow a few more gifts).
 And Lorelei and Gryffy picked out special presents for each other and Daddy from the $ store.  But the best gift of all?  Skip to the loo--Gryffy POTTY-TRAINED over Christmas!  And here we are, acting a bit "Goofy" after the Disney Christmas Day Parade.
We've begun a new tradition this year to top off our Christmas festivities--decorating cupcakes and placing Baby Jesus in the manger to the tune of Happy Birthday!  Because Christmas is not about presents or even warm fuzzies of home--it's about the day that God came down to Earth to rescue us with His love. 
(Guess who was in charge of candles... but in her defense, Jesus is over 2,000 years old.)
 That's a lot of candles--thank goodness there were some strong wintry gales!
 And so from our home, to yours, we wish you a Merry CHRISTmas!  Cheers!

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