Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Stolen Nativity-turned-Happy Ending Makes News

So I'll be the first to admit it--this might not have deserved the coverage that came its way, but it was delightful to see the kids reunited with the uber-adored ox and ass that had wandered out of our yard, and made for a very happy ending (and a Christmas our family will never forget).
When Mark contacted some Secret Santas (Pat Volchok & Tawni Sullivan) at Corporate Costco in Seattle about our missing animals, they uncovered one nativity left on display (after inventory had sold out all over the country) and shipped it to us free of charge.  We were really touched by their generosity.  We wrote to the news about what Costco had done, doubtful it would get a second glance, but thinking how cool it would be to repay their above-and-beyond good deed with good press... and it all snowballed from there!
Here are some of the news interviews and photos:


Here are KMBC's Jana Corrie and camera man Neely. They were so nice and were the first to interview the kids (beginning at a very early hour in the morning).
 It's probably around 5 a.m. in this picture, not long after our lovely next-doors came out screaming at the poor reporter for being too loud.  She wasn't.  They just enjoy screaming.
Here's Alan Shope from KCTV-5.
 Eric Burke from FOX4.
 And a bunch of different people filming the delivery.
 Lorelei especially loves those little animals...
and we love a happy ending!
Here are some photos from photographer Allison Long of the Kansas City Star.

And Joe Lambe's article in the Star might just be the highlight.
Cheers, to happy endings!


  1. NO WAY Wendy- you guys are always getting coverage for something!! So glad to see that Christmas miracles do happen and loved hearing all those reports!! It's never a dull moment at your house is it?!!! That's a beautiful set by the way- love it! I can see why you'd be so upset. Neat, neat story. We're just glad you didn't call the news when we T.Peed your house!! :)

  2. We figured by the smiley face of toilet paper that it had to be you guys! We miss you too and think about you often. We'd love for you to visit anytime, and hope to make it out there sometime. My cousin's getting married in KY next year, so if we drive we might see if you're open to us visiting one night. Cheers!