Friday, April 1, 2011

Care Bears trip to San Diego

The Care Bears convened for a 30th birthday celebration in sunny San Diego, California. But first, some flashbacks to the last millennium...
(In order: Katie, Leslie, Wendy, Debbie, Lori, Annie, Hannah)
 1999-Care Bears take over the Mall in Washington, D.C.. It was on this trip that I made some terribly mushy comment about how I'm reminded of the Care Bears when we're all together. The name stuck. 
(In order: Kelsey, Wendy, Lori, Hannah, Susan, Debbie, Annie)
 Care Bears celebrate Senior Day, '99.
 Care Bears at Lilith Fair '98.
 Slumber party at my house, testing out Biore strips, circa '98.
(In order: Susan, Debbie, Annie, Wendy, Kelsey, Leslie)
And lo, it's Mark, surrounded by Care Bears on 04 July 99.
 Back to San Diego, 2011...
 While San Diego native, Annie, shopped for a fabulous beach house, Care Bears from Michigan to London bought their plane tickets.
We scored on a gorgeous beach house with loads of space, including a rooftop deck where we gathered for meals to watch dolphins dance on the ocean...
 ...and sailboats breeze past on the bay.
 We journeyed to La Jolla in our pimped out minivan...
...and spotted sea lions sunbathing.
 And Lori nabbed a Groupon for a 2 hour bay cruise, in which we had some good laughs and played "Heads Up 7-Up." (Can't help feeling like we're still in high school sometimes.)
 Our uber-organized Katie Bear put together a spreadsheet in which all of us were partnered up to cook meals. Care Bears can cook (and drink--I won't say which friend was dubbed "Libation Bear")!
 We enjoyed lots of strolls on the beach and met several fellow Jayhawks.
 My favorite landmark was Balboa Park. Here are the botanical gardens.
I love the Spanish achitecture.
Care Bears at sunset (I'm waving on the right).
 Our newest Care Bear, Barapas Pappas, arriving this summer!
 Flashback again--our ten-year reunion. Love these ladies! Thanks for such a fun trip--for the singing with the banjolele, for huddling on the stairwell late into the wee hours, for divulging shocking secrets, and for giddy laughs that, just as they did a decade ago, still ring in my ears!


  1. Great post, Wen! And I have to say, I am relieved the video didn't make the cut. Also, a slight correction: KATIE was the uber-organized one with the meal plan! I was a total organization slacker this trip. (And it was great!)

  2. LOVE IT! What a great recollection of the past and then the trip, too.

  3. WHAT FUN Wendy!! Glad you can get out and enjoy yourself every without your kiddos!! Ben and I are dying for one of those trips soon! June can't come soon enough! I am jealous you were in San Diego- how beautiful!!!!