Sunday, April 24, 2011

Endless Egg Hunts

Easter celebrations began with our neighborhood egg hunt in the park along the wooded trail. The kids are eager to get there.

 The Easter Bunny showed up!
 Everyone's lining up.
 "Okay, Gryffy. So, you want the Golden Egg. Just look for the Golden Egg," coaches Lorelei, as the littlest of the lot get their head start.
 We didn't discover the Golden Egg, but I think the Easter Bunny might have overheard the kids' conversation. Lorelei's been talking nonstop about this Golden Egg, in fact, ever since last year's egg hunt.
 Lorelei's hunting more eggs at her preschool Easter party. Poor Gryffy's looking on from the window of his classroom. His class doesn't have parties that parents are invited to, so I felt bad for him to watch us out the window. Next year, buddy.
 Mommy was in charge of the craft, which was in this month's Easter article (one I'd written for KC Parent). It's a basket with eggs to pass around in a ring-and-run from neighbor to neighbor, with a poem attached:
The Easter Bunny was out for a hop.
He saw your house; he made a stop.
That wascally wabbit, he had you pegged;
Nobunny was home, so
(Directions: Take one egg, and egg somebunny else!)
 Here's some of the class with their "You've Been Egged" baskets.
 On Good Friday I went to a service at Heartland with singing and the stations of the cross. It was beautiful, intimate time with God. Then on Saturday morning we headed to Topeka for two brunches: Mommy's high school friends met up at Leslie's house, then our family had our celebration at Aunt Jennie's house.
Back row: Todd, Sam, Maura.
Front row: Lorelei, Gryffy, Emmy, Kai.
 With their Great Grammy M.
 The egg hunt.

 Gryffy found the Prize Egg!
 Oh joy. An enormous chocolate bunny. Just what the kids need.
"Let go my bunny, Kai!" says Gryffy.
 Cousins Wendy, Morgan, Shelby, Aunt Jennie, Daphne and Great Grammy.
Our family went to the Easter Eve service to free up space Easter morning. It was nice to sit together with the kids. 
When Easter morning dawned, the Easter Bunny had arrived.

 Grammy came over. Easter afternoon is spent at Grammy and Bpop's house.
 Another Egg Hunt?  This one's in our own backyard.
Doesn't Lorelei look just like Belle? I added flowers to the yellow dress and found white gloves and shoes. It reminds me of something one of the girls would wear from the Sound of Music.
 Look at all those eggs in Gryff's basket! Mommy got smart and decided upon marshmallows shaped like bunnies instead of more candy. The kids love marshmallows.

 Lorelei was thrilled to pieces--she finally discovered the Golden Egg!

 The prize? A self-inflating Whoopie Cushion.
 The kids changed into their Easter pajamas--I got them matching Superman ones with capes, but Gryffy wanted Spiderman (his second pair of Easter pj's) instead. There's no arguing with that boy. He was very attached to the little Spiderman toy that came in his Easter Basket, too. I always tell him he's my little Superhero: "Gryffy, you're Mommy's Buzz Lightyear... my Spiderman... my Batman... my Superman! You take care of your Mama, right?"
Melts my heart every time.
Aww, my buddy. 
 The kids did a good job on their eggs. Mommy, however, spilled purple dye everywhere. Well done, Mommy. Well done.
 Lorelei has a penchant for art projects of any sort and is very talented at drawing, coloring, mixing colors, cutting, etc. When she was done drawing on eggs, she moved on to the paper towel.
 The finished products.
Happy Easter, everyone! He is risen indeed!

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