Thursday, May 26, 2011


U2. Invesco Mile High Stadium Denver.
What. A. Show.
 So we're looking a little tired. We left our home at 3am to make the 9 hour drive to Denver. It felt great to be back at the Mile High Stadium. It's where my dad took me for my first football game--Broncos vs Raiders (both teams representing places we'd lived, Denver and L.A.)--when I was about nine or ten years old. I got a bit choked up thinking about him, knowing we'd been there together.
 Looking especially pale here. Actually, I just wanted you to see the opening act--The Fray!
 The set was like something from outer space, and I loved reading the statistics ticking across it.
 There he is. Bono.
 Mark took more pictures of Bono than he's taken during our entire marriage--I was teasing him about it. We were blessed to stay with our good friends and old neighbors, Tom & Laura Covert (and Sam, Joe & TJ), who are like family to us. And Grammy was gracious enough to watch the kids all of Saturday and Sunday with Cousin Todd, even taking shelter into the wee hours of the night during TORNADO warnings! Yikes. The kids probably didn't miss us.
 What things began to look like toward the end of the evening (let's just say some people around us had a slightly different definition of Mile High, and that we felt the effects second-hand).
 I love U2, but this is what I had really been anticipating for the past few months: VIP tickets (including a winning raffle number, hence the new hat) and third row center seats to...
 ...not them, but the girl on violin was fabulous. Wait for it...
Yes, it's true. I've been a Grobanite for nearly nine years now. I was in heaven last night, three rows away from my favorite singer of all time. Thanks, Hubs, for another Groban concert and a special date night!

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