Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Favorite Deputy Turns THREE!!!

Today our precious Gryffin John celebrated his THIRD birthday, appropriately themed Toy Story Three (he's been talking non-stop, months on end, about this big day)! His big present from Mommy and Daddy was a twisty tube slide for the Connelly Clubhouse.
 We turned our home into Sunnyside Daycare, and stumbled upon some of Andy's boxes near our entry.

 Mommy used the kids' own artwork to create Butterfly and Caterpillar rooms, just like in the movie. The brilliant green butterfly on the wall is Gryffin's own creation.
 We had some very special guests join us, including Mrs. and Mr. Potato Head...
... and Mr. Tortilla Face propped against Mommy's newest article about Freezer Meal Swaps, in which he plays a major role as an ingredient--look out, Tortilla Face ...
 ... the evil monkey ...
 And a few aliens were eternally grateful to attend...
 ... until we ate them.
We even got into costume.
 Green army man Mark.
 Miss Wendy, Sunnyside Director, with libations.
 Buzz Lore-Lightyear.
 And guess who decided to be Woody instead of Buzz THE MORNING OF THE PARTY??! Mommy went to seven stores in an hour and a half to piece together this costume--a white and orange plaid shirt she had to dye yellow before the vest was ironed on. But anything for our birthday buddy. His potty training failed when he got to the sand box, but at least he didn't leave us any Lincoln logs...
 Family and friends attended, including Aunt Jennie, who got Gryffin his favorite present of all--Spiderman ...
 ... Grammy, looking like she's just had several birthdays erased ...
... Great Grammy Marilyn ...
 ... Cousin Lindsy, Great Grammy, Cousin Todd ...
 Mommy's tying a hankie on her favorite deputy.
Daddy's tucking into the fajitas with Lorelei.
 HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu ...
Make a wish ...
 The aliens saw The Claw coming after them!
 The aliens were abducted and eaten alive!
 Our family.
 Friends in attendance were: Katherine and Jack Kanary, Nolan and JP Bell, Rohan Schieltz, Dylan Orsund, and William Childs.
Gryffy got a fire engine as one of his presents, but then a real one showed up...
My aunt took this picture while I was busy flipping out! One of our friends passed out, but everything turned out to be okay. Still, it was so scary to see him being whisked away with his family to the hospital. Thankfully, all is well.
Gryffy was in the backyard playing, completely oblivious to the ambulance and fire truck.

 Lorelei, however, was scared out of her wits. She and Katherine are hiding beneath the table. 
 These two love to play. Lorelei knows Katherine from church.
 J.P., proficient reader since the age of 3, is reading a book to Gryffin, who sat mesmerized for a decent ten minutes.
Soon all the kids had piled on!
 Gryffy was much better at ripping paper this year, but still hasn't figured out the purpose of birthday cards. Skip straight to the present, is his philosophy.
 Lorelei herself picked out this Spiderman umbrella for Gryffy on a shopping trip with Grammy. She's been wanting to get him his own umbrella for some time now, and she knows how Spiderman-obsessed he is. She's the most thoughtful big sister ever.
 Gryffy clearly loves Lorelei's present.
 By the end of the party, Buddy was exhausted!
Happy Birthday, Deputy Gryffy. When I think of you at this stage, I'm reminded:
How funny you are--you'll do anything for a laugh.
Your great big, beaming smile.
How you enthusiastically say, "Oh, toe coot!" (Oh, so cute!)
How you always give yourself away at hide and seek breathing loudly and talking
How you never refuse to kiss me even though I ask for smooches all day
That you and Lorelei share a room because you love each other so much
The way you always ask "Where's Daddy/Lorelei?" when our family's not all together
The way you pronounce "R's" like "E's" (Watee, pweese!)
Your love of Toy Story, superheroes, dinosaurs and Flynn Rider (Tangled)
Your wondrous imagination and love of play, especially with action figures
How you strut into your classroom and pass up the play-do and puzzle table with all the other kids to opt for the toys and your imaginative world
Your love of reading, and how you snuggle up to Mommy for books
How you sing along so boldly from your car seat and know all the words
How much joy you bring me each day with your giggles and I love yous
The way you mimic your favorite characters ("There's a snake in my boot!")
How stinkin' ridiculously adorable and precious you are!
That we love each other to infinite and beyond!


  1. You have the best parties! Lucky little man! Happy 3rd birthday!

  2. Space Ranger KevinMay 15, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    Happy Birthday Gryffin! It looked like an awesome party!

    See you on Thursday, buddy!