Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentines

This year, Mark and I have made dating the priority that it should be, so I planned a few (six) date nights ahead of time, complete with gift cards. Mark loved the gift, which thrilled me because "gifts" just isn't my love language. Score. (He treated me to a full day at the spa, which was simply divine. O, I do love Valentine's Day!) 
 The kids had no problem bolting out of bed this morning after our Bible story for their Valentine's treats. I've started gathering them into my bed after Mark leaves in the morning, and waking them up to a story. It makes the morning run so much smoother (waking up has become a real battle of the whines lately).
 Of course, Valentine's Day simply isn't complete without a heart attack--the walls are smothered in heart doilies we made a couple weeks ago.
 And someone forgot to park in a hidden location last night, and suffered for it this morning. He should know better by now...
 Lorelei's class party.

 I love you a whole bunch too, Lulu-B!
 Gryffy's class party.
 Good lord, does that boy ever steal my heart!
After G's party we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A with Grammy, then speech and a trip to the library. As soon as we got home, the kids tore into their Valentine's gifts and began painting. These kids are crazy about art projects--sure, they make large messes virtually everywhere they go, but they are so creative and entertain themselves for hours.  Hours.  And they usually clean up their messes (with a bit of nagging).

And I just had to tuck in this photo, too, because G usually doesn't nap, but will bring a pillow downstairs every once in awhile and fall asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor. That kid can't stand the thought of missing out on anything!
 And notice my red coat tucked around him?  Big sister did that when I wasn't looking.  She sure loves her little brother, and he sure loves her back.
Funny Valentines. We're so blessed with love on this Valentine's Day!

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