Friday, February 17, 2012

Lulu-Belle of the Ball

The long-awaited Daddy-Daughter Dance was tonight, and Lorelei squeezed into the same gorgeous red velvet dress for the third year in a row (it was our flower girl's dress). She always adds the wings for a bit of fluff, and pulls of a perfect Valentine's angel.
 Mommy attacked the car for the second time this week, turning it into the Pumpkin Coach for our sweet Cinderella.

Gryffy had to get in on the pictures.  While Lorelei and Daddy were at the ball, he had a special play date/make-your-own-pizza-dinner with friends Adria and Isaac (which meant Mommy had some friend time, too).
 Aren't they a stunning couple?! Lulu-Belle of the Ball.
 Time to go to Red Robin for dinner, then a stop over at Target to pick up a crown (Daddy's idea). "C'mon, Daddy!" Even from behind, you can see L's excitement.  She rubs her nose like a squirrel when she's hyped.
 They went to the dance through Blue Valley Rec this year, because their usual dance at Lifetime Fitness was on Saturday night, and Daddy had a gig. This one cost twice as much, and wasn't half as nice, Mark said. But Lorelei came home beaming ear to ear, so she must not have noticed. Mark said she spent most of the night drawing pictures on the song request forms.  That's SO Lorelei :o)
 Isn't she lovely?  This girl is such a joy to me--we totally "get" each other, and I love that!  I love my sweet girl so much!

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