Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gryffin's Easter Party

My sweet Gryffin John had an Easter party at preschool, and I got to share it with him.
 I loved to watch him following along enthusiastically with his teachers.

 And scooping up eggs on the egg hunt in his milk carton bunny.
 His tissue cross was the most colorful--I think Lorelei's taught him a thing or two about art.

 I just want to know what he's thinking. He looks like the cherubs from Raphael's famous painting, the one hanging on our bedroom wall that Mark got me as a birthday present when I was sixteen (it still has the sweet poem he wrote me on the back).  Every time I see those curly haired cupids, I think of my Gryffin.
 It's the Superman prayer that Gryffin loves.  "Thank you God, for giving us food!"
 Mrs. McNally
 Mrs. Bergdall
 And the view from my car on Good Friday...

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