Friday, April 13, 2012

Princess Power Training: Kindness

It's hard to believe that Princess Power Training is halfway over already, but what a blessing this group of mothers and daughters has been, reinforcing important lessons about Be-You-ty, Honor, and this week's topic, Kindness. I just think there's a powerful force (Holy Spirit) in that room as we rally together to douse these girls in Living Water and watch them blossom.  And it makes my heart so very glad.
 I didn't get pictures from last week since it was the day we had lost a young dad and dear friend to many at our church, and honestly it was hard to pull much of anything together that day. But it was good to share that time with so many prayerful women, who had that family just constantly lifted up. Jena taught on Honor that night and was a stunning speaker, both to the hearts of the girls as well as the moms.

This week, Tasha taught on Kindness and had another captivated room.  She started us out with a fun "bee kind" craft, and used sign language to teach words like "please" and "thank you" during her talk.  Here's Tasha helping the girls make clothespin bees.  They turned out adorable.
 Little Sutton made a fabulous assistant to her mommy.  Here she is with Tasha demonstrating "I'm sorry." What a little actress!
 Next we brought out our sock puppets.
Here Sutton is demonstrating the puppet we all aim to emulate, Princess Polite.
 Here's Greedy Green.
 Rudey Red.
 Tan Tattle.
 Bossy Blue.
 Yelling Yellow.
 Pouty Purple.
 Butt-In Brownie.
 Pokey Pink.
 "Last of all, I want you to meet PRINCESS POLITE. You will like getting to know her. She makes others happy by being polite. She isn’t selfish like GREEDY GREEN and never rude like RUDEY RED. PRINCESS POLITE doesn’t enjoy tattling like TAN TATTLE and isn’t bossy like BOSSY BLUE. You won’t hear her hollering like YELLING YELLOW, or see her with a long grumpy face like POUTY PURPLE

PRINCESS POLITE is very careful not to butt in like BUTT-IN BROWNIE and never comes in late with POKEY PINK.  PRINCESS POLITE always tries to think of others, and because of this, she has lots of friends. PRINCESS POLITE is a model of kindness: she is “Loyal to the Royal Within” herself and others! I hope she lives at YOUR HOUSE!"
 The audience was riveted. And boy, have we ever talked a whole bunch about these puppets at our home this week, so I can testify that this lesson really sunk in for Lorelei :o)
 Next, we made our own Princess Polite sock puppets.
 And got a little goofy while moms were busy with the glue gun.
Thanks for the scrumptious cookies, Margaret...
 The girls loved them!
 Here's a photo from another room, one of the small groups led by Jade.  They're busy at work on their puppets too.
We finished a bit early and the girls had a chance to play.  I love that we're usually home by bedtime.
 Crafting time always lends itself to good visiting time, and my heart swells to see these girls and moms bond together.  The support here makes everything that much more meaningful, and somehow the deep sense of community elevates the lessons into something more significant than what a mom alone could teach.
 Look at those cute Princess Polite puppets.  Lorelei's is second from the right.  She named hers Emily.
 The girls were really proud of their puppets.
 Tasha led our circle up time at the end, which is where we go over the main points of the lesson and work on our Princess Diaries. Each girl had to pick one puppet character to banish from their homes this week... I heard some Pouty Purples, Pokey Pinks, Yelling Yellows and Bossy Blues were getting kicked to the curb!  Lorelei vowed they would ALL be booted out of our home this week.  And while they've come knocking a few times (especially after L's least favorite activity, dance class, for which Pokey Pink and Pouty Purple can't seem to stay away), Princess Polite has been our most present guest of all.  And I'm plum pleased about that :o)

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