Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Guppies

Our family has grown fins and gills. Lorelei got her confidence back as summer progressed and is swimming well. And just two weeks ago, I got the water wings off of Gryffy, and before I could teach him a lesson there he went! He just started swimming on his own and hasn't stopped!
 The kids both swim well enough on their own in the shallow end, but we stick with them in the deep.  Here's G swimming in five foot depth to Daddy.  The kid has no fear, which drives fear into me!

 Both the kids fetch rings and toys from the bottom of the pool, and if it's close enough to the side, they jump in and retrieve stuff in the deep end.  Gryffy has become quite good at handstands and underwater front flips, and Lorelei is the master of underwater back flips.  She still plugs her nose, but manages to swim well nonetheless.  Gryffy doesn't want anything to do with goggles.  He just opens his eyes under water and never plugs his nose. I have to stop him all the time to rest because he just flips around like a little guppy non stop and barely comes up for breath.  He just loves that water so much he can't stop himself.

My favorite pool trick is when the two hold hands. Lorelei is very protective of her little brother. Sweet.
Yep, this pretty much says it all--Lorelei in goggles, nose plugged; Gryffy with his arms and eyes and mouth all wide open, joy smattered on his face.
This is the "I-seriously-love-my-little-brother" face that I just adore so much on Lorelei.  When she just can't contain the amount of love energy inside of her, she makes this sweet stiff face and hugs very (very!) tightly.  And he just lets her carry him around the pool.  My two little guppies.

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