Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Land of Liberty

Something I've come to count on throughout my life, whether I lived on the west cost, in the Rockies, or on the east coast... 4th of July was ALWAYS spent in Kansas...
 ... with these crazy cousins.
(Our family tree is full of nuts)
 Gryffy loves family reunion time because his other two musketeers show up: Kai and Zachary.

 Kai took a little spill.

 My cousins asked me to do a photo shoot.  I haven't done any edits, but it was fun following the newlyweds around.  Oh they're in love.  Like, nauseating-Facebook-posts love ;o)

 The hula (my hidden talent).
 So proud of my Lulu.
 Grammy Great making a speech.
 Our neighborhood parade was fun, although we barely made it!
We saved decorating our wagon for the VERY last minute.
Notice how far ahead the rest of the parade is from us?
 But we made it, and somehow won best wagon!
(You know it's bad when your kid thinks the contest is somehow rigged because your friend was in charge of the festivities, but I assured her said friend didn't cast the vote.  It's just that I think ours might have been the ONLY wagon... the rest were bikes :o) 
 The fire department had to leave for an emergency, but they came back, also in the nick of time.
 Let's get a look at that prize-winner of a wagon here.
(To be fair, the flag banner blew off in the wind.)
 I had the super fun privilege of writing a Summer Bucket List article for KC Parent Magazine a little over a month ago, and one of our plans was to create homemade bubbles.
 We have had more fun with those things!

 On the evening of July 4, we parked near Grammy's house since they live beside Corporate Woods.  They decided to join us for the festivities.
 This Gryffy pulling Lorelei thing is pretty typical.
 Kids love these things.

 The day after we had cousins over for dinner and a Just Dance Party.
Oh. So. Fun.
Here's my cousin Chelsey from California.  Two California girls (Hey, I was born there.  It counts.)
 Just look at that intensity.  I mean really, you GO GIRLS!
 My darlings.

 Nick looks like he's rejoicing.
 Look at that boy dancing behind his Daddy.  Too cute.
We spent the rest of the night digging through all my genealogy files and charts and journals belonging to ancestors from long ago and found out some fascinating things.  I'm convinced I'm going to need to make a whole blog of it so that all our family can access these wild and fascinating stories!  We discovered two Revolutionary War soldiers in our family line, who we have to thank for this amazing holiday and our freedom.  This day truly belongs to them.  God bless America!

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