Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gryffin's First Day

This handsome man just started preschool in October.
 He'd been waiting a long time for the Backpack Fairy's visit this year.
She brought him the Model Magic he wanted in all the colors.
Gryffin was supposed to begin preschool in September at Christ Lutheran, the school we just love.  But I knew he was a bit behind on his fine motor skills (holding crayons with proper grip, crossing the midline, etc.), and so had him tested the first two weeks instead.  He qualified for the preschool at Heartland, Lorelei's school, where there is a speech therapist and OT that visits the classroom.  When I found out he had qualified, it was very bittersweet--this meant he'd miss all his best buds in class at Christ Lutheran, but it also meant that he could be right across the hall from big sister at Heartland, and get extra help with his writing and speech, all provided by Blue Valley.  What a blessing!  And this means no more speech class--everything is done in the classroom.
 I love the way he smooches his lips and blows kisses.

 Today's Gryffin's first day, October 1st.  I walked him up to the school and dropped him off with his teacher and new friends.
 The Mamarazzi came out.  I just couldn't stop myself.  Aren't they adorable?
 Gryffy with his teacher, Miss Lisa, and paras Miss Nicole and Miss Laurie.
 I was so thrilled when I picked up my boy after class, because the first thing out of his mouth was, "I have friends, Momma."  My heart just about burst with gladness to hear that he loved his first day.  He even saw Lorelei (they are directly across the hall, their doors just feet away--I'm so, so happy about this)!  And apparently he's become really good buds with a boy named Ben, so I see some playdates in the future.  So glad you love school, Gryffindor.  Love you so much, Bubba!

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