Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exploring Art

Lorelei has an unquenchable thirst for creativity. She'll find anything--anything--and transform it into a piece of art. So I knew it was time to nurture this budding gift with a trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum.
 Rodin had an exhibit on display.
The kids had to ponder it for a bit.
 Lulu brought along her clipboard and sketched the real-life mummy.  They were so excited to learn mummies were not just the stuff of Scooby-Doo books.  Pure fascination was sparked in this moment.
 Our Gryffin is named for a mythological creature: half eagle, half lion.
Lion for bravery and loyalty.
Eagle for freedom.
I adore his name, and had to grab a lion pick in honor of it.
 Lorelei poses beside a Rodin.
 The moment we walked inside the museum, Gryffy was chuckling loudly at all the naked statues.
"Look, Lorelei!  Boobs!" he'd say, pointing out every pair.  Then Lorelei would hide behind each statue and chuckle at all their bare backsides.  We had a little talk about how artists often portray the human form because it's really beautiful, and how museums were a place requiring decorum.
They finally settled down after a few disapproving glares.
I enjoy watching stuffy people become slightly irritated by the forthrightness of kids.
They just have a way of keeping it real.
 (Now if I can engender the same decorum and respect while I bathe, instead of being pelted by kids with nerf guns, Mark leading the charge.  I don't care how many candles are lit, unsuctioning a nerf bullet from my backend simply isn't my idea of a relaxing bath.  Just FYI, Mark.) 

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  1. What a great idea! From the looks of their smiles, I think they LOVED exploring art! Darling kiddos!