Monday, January 7, 2013

My boy...

has a big heart.  There's a bit of heaven that he never lost, I swear it.
He treats me with so much love and kindness, always stroking my cheek with his tiny hand, ever ready to hold a door for me, help out in any way (he is the most self-sufficient kid ever--he always amazes me with his initiative at getting his own drinks/snacks or mopping the floors without being asked) or tell me "I love you in all the world." (That means a whole bunch.)
Last month, when I came home from a moms' retreat and found Gryffy playing with Lorelei in the neighbors' yard and ran out in the freezing cold, without my coat, to tackle them in big hugs, Gryffy immediately took of his little coat and wanted me to put it on.  The gesture was so thoughtful, so giving.
Something G has done ever since we watched Toy Story 3 is bring me "Daisy."  Daisy-the-Doll needed a mom in the movie to love her, so he brings her to me and tells me to take care of her.  He did this again yesterday (after Daisy had spent a long stint of many months tucked away in the basement with our other Disney figures).
"It needs its Momma.  That's the toy you're supposed to have.  Keep it forever, Mom.  Carry it to your room," he said, as I scribbled down his sweet words.
I want to remember this forever, because it speaks so much to this boy's sweet spirit.  What a blessing it is to be his Mom.

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