Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Sunny New Table & Chairs

Our dining room was feeling sad, so we gave it a makeover.
BEFORE: Dark and depressing and all black. It's like it's in mourning.

AFTER: Sunny and cheery, the dining room I've always wanted.
I think I'd spent way too much time surrounded by the blackness of it lately. This 1000 piece puzzle was littered all over it for a whole month, holding us hostage to the gloomy table and chairs.
On a whim one day, I decided I'd had enough. My mom helped me drag the heavy thing outside, and I spent a whole day sanding. I couldn't feel my hands by the time Mark got home, so he got to finish off the last bit. It only took him about a quarter of the time it took me. Muscle.
(He's not very happy with me--my man dreads coming home to my projects.)
But what a difference!  Sanding, staining, painting, stapling, distressing, sewing slipcovers (from our old tablecloth!)... it was a ton of work, but worth it!
I just love those yellow lemons, tulips (perhaps my favorite flowers from our yard in Colorado growing up) and the bubble glass bottle from my mom.
I was so inspired I decided to tackle another project all at the same time (What-was-I-thinking?!).
Mark complained in his Eeyore-way we'd never have a home office after we splurged on tickets for a big trip this summer. I surprised him by pulling together this desk and building it for a wee pricetag of--wait for it--seventy dollars! Gryffy helped me carry the door (top) through Home Depot and up the stairs. Such a big help he is.
It was Mark's Valentine's Day present. He loved it.

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