Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our New Travel Agent

We tried to hire a travel agent last month. She called us back a couple days later and had decided that our travel plans were just a bit too complex to fit into any neatly bowed package.
'Cause we kind of like to get off the beaten path.
We therefore have hired a new travel agent, all within the family: White Bunny.
 Have I ever mentioned how much these two love each other?
Gryffin is the animal whisperer--they all adore him.
 Lorelei and Gryffy have grown up hearing about my love of travel, and have most of these landmarks memorized. To jog G's memory one day, we sorted them in the laundry room.
 Then, we consulted Mr. Tubbins.
"Tubbins, where do you want to go Mr. Tubbins?" asked Gryffy, extending two cards.
 Mr. Tubbins sorted our entire pile.
 "You can't do both at once, Mr. Tubbins. Try again!"

The next night, we went to dinner at Red Robin and brought these cards with us (along with Yahtzee--Yahtzee and Red Robin are a tradition for us).
Each family member sorted through the cards and listed the five they most wanted to see, in order.
Here are our lists (I think these may end up on a family vision board):

LORELEI: Angkor Watt, St Basil's Cathedral, Gateway Arch (check!), Grand Canyon, Vatican
GRYFFIN: Israel (when he's 7, he says), Grand Canyon, Macchu Picchu, Stonehenge, White House, Christ the Redeemer Statue (okay, he chose 6)
MARK: Sydney Opera House, St. Basil's Cathedral, Christ the Redeemer Statue, Macchu Picchu, Petra
WENDY: Macchu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Israel (and Petra!--can't do Israel without Jordan), St. Basil's Cathedral, Pyramids (in a non-violent world--and I'm not quite sure they're all in order)

We just put a world map in our dining room, with dots on all the places we've visited abroad and on all the places we've lived in North America. Here's to more orange dots one day! Cheers.

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